Shapes created with external software are not reflected


I created a rectangle with rounded corners in Inkscape, saved it as an svg file and inserted it into the laserbox software.
It is displayed on the screen, but it is not reflected in the work.
What should I do?


the svg file(in this zip) (955 Bytes)


Hi dai5,

We have checked the svg file you shared, it looks like the file itself has some problem when checking from its gcode.

We tried a svg exported from the AI software and it works. When you use the inkescape software, is there other kinds of svg format you can export and see if it works?


Hi dai5,

We have also tested export an svg file from inkescape software and it works properly. You may need to check whether the file or your inkescape works properly.
Here is the svg file we created with inkescape software and it works, please (928 Bytes)


I made a circle with Inkscape, wondering what would happen if I tried it with another shape, but that was also reflected in the laserbox software.
I think this problem is a phenomenon that occurs only in squares with rounded corners.
The file (967 Bytes)


The file worked correctly with the laserbox software.


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