Servo Pack Troubleshooting


I recently purchased the servo pack add on, and I have had very little success getting it to work properly, even after calibrating.49%20PM I’ve used the servo provided by Makeblock as well as a few servos of my own, and none of them work right. They will not move in the way the code tells them to, they are sporadic and inconsistent, sometimes they get “stuck” and buzz.

It is currently running on 4 AA NiMh rechargeable batteries, each one 1.2 volts. I wonder if this is somehow the problem. I did disconnect everything but the servo, and it still didn’t work.

I’m attaching the code that was running in this video demonstration.


The code looks good. Can you please record a longer video so we can see what happens when it is running for a little longer


Here’s a longer video showing how sporadically it behaves.


I’d say your batteries are not giving it enough power/can’t keep up with the current servo draws since the board keeps resetting as soon as servo executes movement


I would agree with Bleky that the servos are drawing more current than the batteries can supply so the so there isn’t being enough current going to the mbot so it resets.


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