Servo Add-on Dancing Cat not moving arms


Hi again,
We got the Servo Add-on and built the Dancing Cat as per instruction.

I reset the mBot to factory firmware/default program.

I connected it to my Makeblock Android App with Bluetooth and launched the mode to remote control the mBot in Dancing Cat mode. Moving in all directions works perfectly fine. However, the arms don’t move when I slide the Servo button left or right.

When I switch the mBot on the arms wiggle for maybe 1 second/1millimeter.
Do you have any idea what went wrong? Thank you.


Hi mBotDaddy,

From the pictures, I see the servo is connected to slot 1 on the me RJ25 dapter, it should be connected to slot 2 instead, please check refer to the wiring connection on the user manual.


Thank you, this worked! You may want to update the manual in the Makeblock App. It shows the other port there.


Hi mBotDaddy,

Thanks for your feedback!
I will report this mistake to our product team to optimize it.


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