Serial monitor using Arduino UNO and mblock5.0


Is it possible to have a Serial monitor using mBlock 5.0?

That is, if I have in my code:


Where distance is a value from an ultrasonic sensor.

Where can I see that data in mblock 5 (that is, without using the IDE)?



Hi, mBlock 5 has no Serial monitor.


I just make a program to make the Panda say the data of the ultrasonic sensor. You can take a look.


Thank you very much, it’s what I want to know. I will use the IDE.
I think the program that you made is possible when you use mbot. When I’m working with an arduino board I don’t have that sensor available. I have “read ultrasonic sensor trig pin 2 echo pin 3”. I tried command “Say” but it didn’t work.


Merhaba, aslında mbot için mesafe sensörü değilde Arduino Uno kartı için kullanılan ultrasonik mesafe sensörünü Mblock 3’ de ‘Merhaba de’ kodu ile gösterebiliyorduk. Mblock 5 için bunu nasıl sağlayabilirim.


Hi Musta,
If you mean the block serial write text “hello” in mBlock3?
The block is in mBlock5.