Serial monitor using Arduino UNO and mblock5.0


Is it possible to have a Serial monitor using mBlock 5.0?

That is, if I have in my code:


Where distance is a value from an ultrasonic sensor.

Where can I see that data in mblock 5 (that is, without using the IDE)?



Hi, mBlock 5 has no Serial monitor.


I just make a program to make the Panda say the data of the ultrasonic sensor. You can take a look.


Thank you very much, it’s what I want to know. I will use the IDE.
I think the program that you made is possible when you use mbot. When I’m working with an arduino board I don’t have that sensor available. I have “read ultrasonic sensor trig pin 2 echo pin 3”. I tried command “Say” but it didn’t work.