Sensor me touch


Hi everybody!
I have a kind of problem with the ME TOUCH SENSOR.

I made the code so that when I touch the sensor, the code runs the order. At the begining it worked. But now it doesn´t.

I know the sensor is not broken because when I touch it, its blue led lights on, but it doesn´t do antything else.

Could anybody help me? Any ideas?
Thanks very much


Try upgrading the firmware again to clear out memory, then reload your program and see if that fixes it. I’ve encountered things like that before and somehow upgrading the firmware and reloading the program seems to fix it. I’m not sure why it fixes it, but it seems to do so.


Some time ago, I had problems with the FLAME SENSORT and I solved them doing what you described.

I´ll try to do it, for the problems with the ME ROUCH SENSORr and I´ll tell if it works.

Thanks a lot.