Sending/Receiving TV remote signals



In Codey Rocky preview video, you showed Codey sending signals to change the TV Channel.
Can you elaborate more how was this done?

Also I tried to read the signal from a TV remote using the function image with no Luck, nothing was received.


I’m able to receive a message sent by Codey itself,

But not from the TV Remote.

My target is to use the TV remote to control Codey movement.



Hi abarakat,
For this case, please provide us with your TV brand and brand/model of its remote controller. You may offer us pictures.


Currently I’m trying to use the following Remote to control Codey Rocky. I was trying first to read the signals to identify them, then the plan was to use the identified signals to control codey.


Hi abarakat,
Sorry, I am afraid that currently IR control port on mblock software is not open for users yet. So users now cannot use remote controller to control codey rocky.
Actually we are doing these tests and we will let users know if we add this function to mblock software officially.


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