Save Data to Google Sheets


Mblock software i added extension google sheets. I want to add name and surname palyers to google sheet. I shared sheet with access writing. I shared project planet but it doesnt add name and surname when i send it from different computer. And i want to ask that by using default variables blocks iş it possible to add name and surrname via google sheets extension to different sheet lines from mblock game button?


@ozgetasmanisa Sorry, I don’t completely understand. Could you be a little more clear? What are you trying to accomplish? What have you done so far? What does your code look like?


I just want to save the users’ name and surnames google sheet from shared mblock google planet project.


@ozgetasmanisa I’m not sure about the usage of the Google sheets extension. I assume you are trying to make a cloud player project, where the game can save data, so user’s can come back and have the same name and stuff later?

Also, note that extensions only work in source code mode right now. They will not work on a shared project.

I am (some users on the forum might be interested to know this) working on a free cloud storage extension that will provide the same functionality as ‘cloud variables’ that some other platforms offer.

But, at the moment, there aren’t many ways I can help you. :confused:


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