Same program works fine with "upload" but differently with "live"


Hi All!

I am trying to program mBot as a line follower and I realized that when I coded and uploaded the code to mBot with the USB cable through my computer it works (almost) perfectly. However, if I use the “live” mode and Bluetooth to upload the code with the iPad (same code) it doesn’t work in the same way. It seems (from my ignorance) as if the signals arrive later or something to the mBot, it follows the line but it seems to be a delay so it doesn’t correct the path at the right time.

I tested at home with my computer and it worked, but in class with my students it didn’t work with live and bluetooth… a bit embarrasing!! :smile:

Hope I have made myself understood… Thanks a lot in advance.


It looks like a know problem


Can I ask you how you enabled live mode?
Did you find a tutorial to do that?


Hi Suoko,

Thanks a lot for your quick response, at the end is what my intuition told me, but it’s a pity since I was using this mode because we don’t have cables to connect the iPad to the robot… and now I realize that I cannot play these activities with them :frowning:

You ask me how I enabled the live mode: I installed the app in the iPads, and I saw that I couldn’t upload the programs by bluetooth (the app says that it’s not possible with the app, only with the computer). Only the live mode was allowed, but it wasn’t working. So, I connected the robot with the USB cable to the computer, and a small button “update” (or something similar) appeared, so I updated the robot. I thought that maybe, with that update the “live” mode would work and… yes! it worked! That’s my story with the live mode.

Do you know a way to send the programms with the app to the robot by bluetooth but without the live mode?



Hi Suoko,

Do you know a way to send the programms with the app to the robot by bluetooth but without the live mode?

I believe the answer for tablets (IOS / Android) is impossible.

For the computer, there are 2 solutions:

  • Makeblock official answer: Buy a Makeblock bluetooth dongle (it’s going very well)
  • Second possibility: Compatible bluetooth dongle. My PC is working great but some of my PCs are not working.


Thanks a lot Crackel :slight_smile:


Sorry, I didn’t realize you’re are just using standard blocks, not custom made extensions.
That’s my problem


Extensions, that’s another story …

Extensions must have special code to work in live mode. Me, I am not yet able for my extentions.