Robots script missing



In mblock v3 there is robots script, but in the newest version mblock v5 there is not. Where can do I find it and how to install it?

Thanks in advance


Click the button in red frame and you will get the Arduino code.




No, I meant this.


Hi sinovac92,
It calls device in mBlock5.
You can add it from device library.



Hi, I’m helping my kids with their mBot. In mBlock their Robot scripts are missing. We added the mBot using add Device, but the Robot scripts are still missing. Thank you.


Hi mBotDaddy,

In the mBlock 3 software, there is robot script, all the hardware program blocks is under the robot script, while in the mBlock 5 software, the hardware program blocks have been divided into different types of the building block area like looks, Show, Action and so on.

If you want to porgram mBot with add-on electronic modules, you can a extension "Maker’s platform " for mBot, please see pictures below:

Here is the link with more introduction for the mBlock 5 software.