Robotic arm control on Mbot Ranger



I just installed the robotic arm on my Mbot Ranger. I made a small automatic program in Mblock app and it’s working. But I want to control the arm from PC or phone app made by me.
Can you advice how to do it ?


Hi gtache,

Do you mean you want to program and control the robot as well as the arm with other software/ app instead of mBlock 5 software/app.
In this case, I am afraid that it is not support directly. You may need to develop your own USB communication protocol and rewrite the firmware of the robot to support your application.


ok, I am not so advanced to do this, but is it posisbel to control the arm from mBlock 5 software/app. ?


Hi gtache,

Program through mBlock5 software is possible, you can add this extension for mBot ranger and you will find the related programming blocks.


Thank you !


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