RJ25 ME Adapter


Hi @tech_support,

Good day!

I am trying to connect a relay driver into mBot through the RJ25 ME Adapter. This is to control automation of turning on and off of a DC motor with 12V source.

I would like to ask your help how can I program the controls in mBlock 5 software and it will be a big help if you can provide a sample wiring for this.




Hi @crisirc
I think it is no too hard to do it.
One Relay can be controlled by only 1 pin (of 4 contained into RJ25 Me Adapter). For ex. the Port 1 can control pins 11 and 12 of mBot.
Loading the Arduino Extension, the pin can be activated in mBlock with the block “set digital pin (for example: 11) as output as (for example: low) level”. You can deactivate it setting the pin to “hight” (vice-versa if you change the normal-status. Read manual!)
Reading the Relay manual you also can, following the instructions, to wire correctly the cables and to play your motors.


Thank you for the assistance. I was able to test it and it works.