RGB Line Follower Sensor Not Working When Connected to 2.4 GHz


Hi all,

My RGB line follower works when it’s in upload mode but when I connect it to mBlock via 2.4 GHz the RGB line follower doesn’t work.
Connecting via bluetooth also has the same issue.

The idea is to give instruction to mBot via sprite to line follow and turn on a certain junction based on the instruction from the sprite. I.e. if I input 1, the mBot will turn on the 1st junction, if I input 2, the mBot will turn on the 2nd junction etc.

Any help is appreciated.


Hello asep_nh, the function of RGB Line Follower is only for upload mode, and in our latest mBlock 5.3.0, when you try to use it in upload mode, you will find the blocks for RGB Line Follower are grey as below. Actually the performance is much better in upload mode for sensors with high sensitivity such like RGB Line Follower, with a higher speed than live mode