Repeat node


hello everyone!!
in neuron app times node have repeat node
does anyone know what function it is?
how to use it?


Could you maybe give a screenshot?


like this


Hmm… I don’t have any experience with the app or Chinese Language. Sorry! Maybe @Crackel can help you!


Haaaaa not me :wink:

Since the tablet application is a black box, it is impossible to indicate how it is done internally. This is the magic of programming, Makeblock is free to implement it as they wish.

However, here’s how I imagine the basic inner workings. The purple blocks are instructions that surround the others. Here I am thinking of a loop with a timer. The timer would be used to regularize the loop in seconds and the next block is placed inside to receive 0 or 1.

I’m not Makeblock but that would be a possibility. Is this the answer you were looking for?? Why this question ?


thanks a lot


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