Remove extention


I have modified 1 of my extensions but but it won’t update in mblock5 PC. I usually don’t have any problem as I change my extensions all the time and update them by downloading the .mext file then drag and dropping it into mblock5.

I have downloaded the modified .mext file and if I open it with a text editor I can see me new modified code is in fact inside the new downloaded .mext file. When I drag and drop it into mblock5 it says it has been updated but when I use the block and look at the ardunio code that is generated it has the old code not the new updated code.

I have tried removing mblock5 and reinstalling mblock5 but the this doesn’t remove the extension. How can I totally remove the old extension?? In what directory does it store the extension in when I drag and drop it into mblock5??


Don’t worry I found my problem I was changing the wrong bit. My error :frowning: