Remove Bluetooth model error message


When I try to upload code to my Orion board I get an error message that says “Upload Failed, please remove the bluetooth module”. I don’t have a bluetooth module.


Oh no. Which version of mBlock are you using? You may try mBlock 3.4.11 since it’s the most stable version.


mBlock 3.4.11 is the version I am using.


Hmm, the error message is just a guess of the most common reason. Before tec-support finish her weekend, you may try these:

  1. ensure the Boards > Starter/Ultimate (Orion) is selected;
  2. ensure that the board’s power is on (green light, and blinking when connected).
  3. ensure the buzzer is turned off (the switch is at the side of the USB port)
  4. if still not working, please post the log below the Arduino code. A video is even better.


Thank you for your assistance. I was able to upload my program.


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