Remote Control of mBot Mega from laptop


Hello all,

I’ve successfully constructed the mBot Mega kit and was able to drive it from the Makeblock Bluetooth controller after writing and uploading a simple mBlock program. Great product and great experience!

I am interested in writing software that would real time send movement commands to the Mega from my laptop via Bluetooth. What is the best way to approach this? I did a quick Bluetooth scan from my mac laptop and did not detect the Mega. I assume there is some way to put it back into pairing mode but haven’t seen a button on the mega’s Bluetooth module, yet.

Have people used the PyBluez Bluetooth library to connect to and control the Mega? I would be happy just to be able to emulate some of the Makeblock joystick controller signals at this point.

Thanks in advance!


Hi there:

Thank you for your sharing,if you want to use your laptop or mac to connect with Mega you need to buy another bluetooth Dongle of Makeblock ranther than use built-in bluetooth it won’t work,but you can use Makeblock this mobile app to control your mega freely,thank you.


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