Red light on purifier


Hi this is my second laserbox in one month, 2nd one arrived and everything setup by the people that sell them, Same problem has acurred after two hours of running, the error accures if i am cutting or engraving.

  1. After 1 minute the purifier light turns red and the lazer stops, press button again and it restarts the job but the light stays red, also error comes up stating the filter needs changing.
    firmware has been updated tot the latest but error still accures.
    This can not be the laserbox fault as this is the second time this has happend.


Hi pat62,
Sorry to hear that and apologize for the trouble that caused to you.
To this issue, please provide me the following information so we can help you better.
1)When and where you bought the laserbox?Please send me a receipt/invoice for checking.
2)Send me a photo of the bar coded sticker to check the SN number of your machine. Also check the voltage.
3)Open the laserbox software and check for update then send me a screenshot of the current version of your laserbox software.

4)Connect the machine to your computer and go to device-basic. Send the screenshot to show me the working hours and the firmware version.

You can send the needed information to


hi thanks for info, update firmware plus installed v7 working fine now!
please let know where the info of the laserbox and firmware update
thanks pat
Serial No -MLP19122563c5d9804


Hi pat62,
Thanks for the good news.
When a new version of the software is released, a prompt below will pop up. Click Update Now to download the latest version.

When a new version of firmware is available, also will pop-up the prompt.


i am interested in the modal date of manufacturing, ect when you release firmware updates it would be know tach details of the laserbox upgrade
thanks again





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