Receiv data from Ultimate kit in Upload mode


Hello dear Makeblock community

I want to use the ultimate kit 2.0 as a data source. The “robot” should drive along a course via line following sensor an transmit the sensor data to a google spreadsheet.
So far I established the connection between spreadsheet and mBlock code as well as the line following. In live mode collection and transmitting of the data works as long the robot is connected by USB. Via bluetooth connection in live mode the transmission of commands and Data is to slow.
So i want to upload the “line following program” to the board and transmit only sensor data.

Do you have any Idea how to transmit the data to the mblock Sprite to upload it in Spreadsheets?
I tried the upload mode broadcast, but I guess it is just for sending data and not receiving.

I am grateful for any support or ideas!

Best regards


Hi henplo,
Normally, data transfer speed with the Bluetooth connection is slower than the USB cable connection. But I still wonder if you use the makeblock Bluetooth adapter with the Ultimate robot together?
If no, you may try this Bluetooth adapter.

Besides, regarding to the upload mode broadcast, there is a message receive block as an event.


Thank you for your answer but I´m still struggeling…

I managed to establish the data connection via Upload Mode Broadcast. But for this a USB connection is necessary. With the Bluetooth Dongle the extension does not work in Upload-mode.

I also didn’t know that for the extension “Upload mode Broadcast” to work, the block “when ultimate 2.0…” must be present. It is not mentioned in the tutorial of this extension.

Is there a possibility to transfer data in upload mode without an existing USB connection, for example via Bluethooth?


Hi henplo,

Actually, I recommended a makeblock Bluetooth adapter in my previous reply. With this Bluetooth adapter, you can upload program to the Ultimate 2.0 robot through Bluetooth connection without the USB cable. And this Bluetooth adapter support other makeblock bluetooth products like mBot, Ranger, codeyrocky etc.