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I want to prepare Raspberry Pi Pico as a device with Micropython. Does this micro-processor card support Makeblock Extension Builder?


Hi, I’m reviving this old thread. But is there any progress made on this? Would like to work on this too


Yes @nigel @MeKAnick it is possible to do so. mBot Neo is actually a python programming board, so you can see some of my screenshots of its code:


If you need more help with a specific part let me know.

Write extension For Raspbery Pi Pico RP2040

Hi @Best_codes, @nigel

I tried it 2 years ago and it didn’t work. Makeblock engineers said that they did not have any work for the RP2040 chip. Later, I tried to add another ESP32-based circuit board called “Deneyap Kart” as a device. Even though I added all the details, the connection was established but the code was not loaded. I don’t know if there has been an update on the Platform since then.


If you have a chip with these specifications, you can use it:

You can download the cyberpi device and import to extension viewer to look at it if you want.


These are the specs


MrYsLab has an extension for Raspberry Pi Pico so I reckon its possible to implement in mBlobk too.


Yes, it is possible. I can give you the link to download one of the python ESP or PI mBlock device .mext files, so you can look at it in the extension builder if you want to make a new device for it.


Hi @Best_codes sure that would be great!


I studied and applied this work. First of all, changes have been made to the Scratch editor. It’s not the original MIT published app. In addition, some APIs need to be installed on the computer. In addition, Pico’s frimware software needs to be updated. As a result, basic pin commands can be used when Pico and Scratch are connected. There is no ability to install code on Pico. I think it’s a very challenging process.


Shouldn’t we install the frimware of Codey, Cyber Pi, Halocode products on our Card to be able to encode any card that uses the ESP32 WROWER-B chip in mBlock?


@nigel @MeKAnick Here is the link:


You can download the file and import it into the extension builder to see the code.
I hope this helps!


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