Ranging Vs Ultrasonic?



There are 2 new instructions in version 5.0.1 of mBlock.
What is the difference between :


Thank you


Ultrasonic block detects obstacle distance with ultrasonic wave, ranging from 3-300 cm;
Ranging block detects obstacle distance with infrared ray, ranging from 2-200 cm;


Ok Makeblock, I understand the block Ultrasonic. For the explanation of the infrared ray, which block Neuron allows to use this possibility?

Plus, would the Codey Rokey not be able to use infrared ray color to evaluate distance?


It is ranging sensor, a new block from explorer kit:
And it is not added in Codey Rocky-Neuron extension.


Ok, I thought I had all the blocks. Why did you make a block equivalent to the block Ultrasonic?

It would not be more fun to make a real new block: GPS or RFID block?


Well, the ranging block detects in different angle from ultrasonic sensor. It may be better in “piano case” than ultrasonic sensor.


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