Ranger won't respond to mblock 5, besides updating


Hi, I’ve successfully connected my ranger to mblock 5 with usb, and updated firmware, I can see the USB lights blinking when transferring data, however using blocks in “live” mode doesn’t do anything. The Ranger does beep once every few seconds whole plugged in, but that’s all it will do.

I started arduino IDE and ran the “blink” test, which made the bluetooth blue led light up (is that what it’s supposed to do?) and the beeping stopped (thank heavens), but still no mBlock live commands will do anything. What am I missing?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @mblock @tech_support @makeblock not sure who to ask the question above? @tech_support is not responding to this, or other questions asked previously. Who can help?


I find it better to email support, there are periods when they are not very active on the forums.

it sounds like the firmware is corrupt or there’s a problem with the comms, it shouldn’t be beeping every few seconds. Perhaps try downloading the software again?


Thank you @MurrayElliot!


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