Random disconnection of mbot Ranger


I’ve received my mbot Ranger but it disconnects randomly from the mBlock and mBlock Blockly app especially when I increase the speed of the robot.
What can I do ?


Hi there:

You can use different cellphone and tablet cross test the Bluetooh fuction if it works well when you use other devices,it means your cellphone might have some problems of Bluetooth,if not you can contact with the seller or distributor to seek help.

MBot Ranger - BRAND NEW - Bluetooth drops CONSTANTLY > Full frustration and disappointment - HELP!

Facing same frustration with you, and received NO PROPER response from Makeblock’s tech team by now

Sorry to say, that this makes Makeblock’s support anything but professional!


Hi Tristratos,

The support on the forum is first level support. It also has the advantage of having access to engineers fairly quickly unlike large companies. I understand your disappointment and Maybe Makeblock should send you a direct link to take care of your problem. This is certainly a detail and maybe there is nothing you can do about it if the module is defective.

Give them a little time … some answers seem ridiculous but they are good


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