Qx01 2 error and how to fix that?


Hi almost a year and I am very happy about my laserbox but today first time i had this issue it gives an error code Qx 01 2 and I checked the problem code and I checked all the possible points which can cause this problem. There is nothing visible the machine looks brand new after almost a year. I used rarely and never had even a small problem till now.
I sent an email to the support@makeblock.com but i am open any help from tech support over here as well.


Hi Mehmet:

Sorry for the late reply,we’ve sent the tutorial to your email account please check it out,thankyou.



with all my respect I don’t bother anyone without making a research about the troubleshoot which I searched in the forum and find the links of tutorials and even video of how to change Y1 board which you guys provided for us .
I followed the foot steps and checked every point which can cause a problem. when I didn’t get any different result but the same error message I decide to request the assistance from technical support.
I sent the video, working log, screenshots of software and firmware and I explained what I could and what I couldn’t try to fix this problem.
so please a person can reach me out and help about fixing this issue?


Hi Mehmet:

Please contact with support@makeblock.com and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


well…dear tech support if you red my very first message I said that I sent email to the support@makeblock.com in the very first place but no response from them.

They sent me a ready tutorial message as a response which clearly shows nobody is reading what was written in my email because I have been through that tutorial.

So please can anyone reach me out because it is very sad that I can not see any support.


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