Quad RGB sensor block



I can’t seem to find the Quad RGB blocks that a self-learning course I’m using to learn to program the mBot2 says should be there. I’m confused, wondering if I’ve done something wrong, or if the course isn’t up to date or something?

These are the blocks the course tells me should be there:

And these are the blocks that I see in mBlock:

Please let me know! I’m a n00b and I’m confused! Thank you!!!


Hi pragueyerrr,
The programming blocks in mBlock are constantly optimized and added, please see the latest blocks in mBlock 5.3.5 like the pictures below which includes the blocks in the courses.


The block that says quad rgb sensor 1 L1,R1’s line status is… doesn’t appear… and there is instead … line in status. (version 5.4.0)… and I am getting this error on the mbot 2 ( Traceback(most recent call last): File main line 10 is Joy_press… and this appear when I try to use simple examples like


Make sure you have added the “Quad RGB Color Sensor” extension to mBot Neo.


The Quad RGB Sensor(Beta) extension was added…


Solved… I just needed to update the cyberpi firmware (the update was done from the web) !!!
I now have the latest firmware and everything is working !!!