Purchase Servo for mBot 2 (Neo)



We want to create a mecanisme to catch some ball for the robocup. (i f you avec some idea, we are interested )
and i would like to know if we can use the servo motot from mbot to the mbot2 or wich one we can use. Can we buy any one?



@FredRouv You can use the makeblock mBuild Servo plain with the mBot 2 or connected to the mBuild servo driver. Also, most simple Arduino Micro Servo Motors will work. (Just plug them in right!!).

What do you have in mind? What resources can you purchase, etc. and what is the purpose of this robot? Images or explanatory text would be useful. Thanks, and good luck!


@Best_codes thanks for your help.

I try with this servo: image
I use this code: image
but nothing happen

Whe have to cath the ball for the robocup. We have two idea:
– Clamp to catch a ball and store it in a dumpster
– is a bit like that

the ball go in the red part and after is Tipping into the dumpster


Ah, so the servo doesn’t seem to be working? Have you checked to make sure that it is in the port labeled “Servo” and that the port specified in the block code is correct? @FredRouv


It connected to S1.
S for servo?


@FredRouv No. S3 and S4 are the servo ports. There should also be small text under it.

Here is an example code:

Please note that you use the mBot 2 shield extension, not servo driver:

Then you use the blocks shown:


I hope this helps you!


thanks for your help, it’s work now.

I used the wrong block.

It’s work with S1 and S3


Awesome! If you need help with anything else, be sure to mention me as @Best_codes. Have a nice day!


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