Problems with laserbox software?


When you press “New project” in the laserbox software, a camera-like mark appears on the right and disappears for a moment. why?


Hi dai5_jp,

Could you please provide the following info which would help for us to do the test?

  1. Do you use the Latest version LaserBox software V1.0.1?
  2. What is the operating system of your Computer?
  3. For the problem phenomenon, could you please kindly take a video to show your operation and the problem phenomenon? You can send the video to my email address: via WeTransfer website.



2.Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
3.I sent a gif by email.


Hi dai5_jp,

We have tested on the computer with the same operating system but didn’t appear such phenomenon.
Have you ever pressed the CTRL + W on keyboard while you press the “new project” button?

Besides, how about try restart the LaserBox software and see if the same issue?
Btw, do you have another computer which can have a test too?


What did you do when you opened a new project? Please send a video or gif.


Hi dai5_jp,

My previous reply may make you confusion. Actually, there is no special operation when open new project. Just press the new project button. But if there is special operation like pressed the CTRL + W when you open new project, the issue phenomenon may happen. That’s why I mention it.

If you didn’t do this, please ignore it. How about restart the LaserBox or change a Computer (if you have another computer) have a try.


It is not a problem to return to the original screen immediately after clicking “New Project”. It just appears to return to the original screen when the gif is repeated. I’m sorry.
The problem I have is that the camera marks and text are displayed for a moment.


Hi dai5_jp,

Yes, I understand that your problem is that the camera marks and text are displayed for a moment. Since this phenomenon doesn’t appear when we test here. I want to know if there is same issue when you restart the LaserBox software or change a computer.


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