Problems adding Ultrasonic Sensor 2 Extension for mBot2


I have 90 students who have installed mBlock (we are using v5.4.0). 88 of them are fully operating just fine with their mBot2 after adding the three standard extensions - mBot2 shield, Ultrasonic Sensor 2 and Quad RGB Sensor.

2 students can NOT install the Ultrasonic Sensor 2 extension. The image doesn’t come up in the extension library and when they press “Add”, nothing actually happens. We have deleted mBlock, emptied the trash and reinstalled with no luck.

Any suggestions to get these two students up and running? All students are operating on the same model of MacBook Air and operating system. Their computers are managed by the school and all have the same setup. I can not figure out what is going wrong with these two students… but they are falling behind and I would like to get them up and running as quickly as possible. All suggestions are appreciated.

This is what their extensions look like when they try to add them - link. As you can see, there is no image for the Ultrasonic Sensor 2.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


This looks like an internet issue. Do the students have a malware or adult content blocking filter that may accidentally be blocking the extension script from loading?
Can you think of any differences between those two student’s web browsers, DNS settings, and / or devices?

Good luck!