Problem with Self-Balancing Robot in Ultimate 2.0 Kit


Hi tweil,
There are three motors in the package, please make sure you installed the 2*9V/185 motors, instead of the 9v/86, since they have total same size.
Also tried to change the battery? What kind of battery you used? We suggest rechargeable nickel-metal hydride.
If the issue still the same, please take video and photo to me ( with


Very interesting. The “Self Balancing Robot” kit I received from The Robot Shop only had two motors. Both are 86 Rpm. On the motors it says:

Gear Ratio 1:75

Sounds like the wrong motors were in the kit? Attached is the packing list for the Self-Balanacing Robot. Item 3 is two 86rpm motors. Is this correct or a problem?

I have tried wiring the motors both possible ways to the motor driver/encoder. The instructions show the wires crossing with the right motor connected to the left motor driver and the left motor connected to the right motor driver. The robot actually balances a little better when the wires are not crossed with the right motor is connected to the rightmotor driver and the left motor connected to the left motor driver. I sent some photos and videos to ( with


What is the product code on the product that you received from robot shop?
RB-Mab-197 indicates •Optical Encoder Motor-25 6V/185RPMx2


Hi tweil,
To check this case, please help provide us with below info (to my email

  1. where you purchased it? please offer the receipt.
  2. photo of your packing list if you can.
  3. photos of all of your motors in the package.
  4. photo of the bar code on the graphic carton.
  5. photo of the graphic carton.
  6. any damaged to the graphic carton when you first received it?

By the way, I haven’t received any picture or video from you.



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