Problem with Mblock5 and Arduino Sensor (Mbot)


Greetings !!!
For a school project I want to connect an Arduino Sensor (turbidity sensor) to Mbot via an RJ25 adapter. When I was using the MBlock3 software I was able to do so with the ReadAnalog Pin command from the Arduino group of blocks. Now that I switched to MBlock5 software I can not find a way to do the same since there is no Arduino command group. Is there a way to do so?
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You may have to write your own extension

Examples here:


thank you for the answer! Maybe I will try to make one although it doesnt seem very easy. The block that I want already exists (read Analog Pin) but for the Arduino device and not for the Mbot…


I got the same problem. I want to use the angular sensor. As it is not supprted in mblock5 I found following post with a good explanation and it worked.

Now i want to create the same function with mblock5 instead of mblock3 but i cant find the read analog pin A (…) command anywhere…

is there any possibility to create that function in mblock5


I wrote an mblock 5 extension myself. Hope it helps


Do you have suggestion how to change this extension from Mbot to ultimatekit. I use a Megapi pro board and the mbot uses a different board.


Here’s where you can create your own block


wrong topic


wrong topic