Problem with IoT/ Weather


I try to read value weather in Hanoi, but it always displays value 0-degree centigrade and 0% humidity.
It’s not like a real value. How can I fix that?
I had update version mBlock V5 0.0-RC3 in few days.


I’ll test that soon and check with our software team.
By the way, did the wifi connected (light on green?)
How about trying with another city? Or another wifi (we can test with phone hotspot)?


Its show wifi connected (green light).
I had tried another city, another wifi, but still can’t fix the problem, I think it was a bug because of the new update, I tried to use this program it connects successfully about half a month ago.
Hope you check this program.


Hello haltptit,

I seem to have seen the same kind of problem. It seems to me that Makeblock had indicated that there were some problems with the Cloud. I advise you to try by switching to Chinese. The Chinese Cloud has fixed a problem when creating lists. It may correct your problem. Otherwise, I will watch, Thursday night (Canada).


Thank you, I will try it as soon as my friend return Codey to me.



Me it works but the cloud is in Chinese.

What is Cloud Data?

Hi haltptit & Crackel,
I also tested and got same result. That is the international account problem. I will inform the software team, hope it will be fixed soon. Thank you for your feedback.


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