Problem mBlock IOS and Bluetooth


Hi Makeblock,

Bluetooth with the mBlock v1.7.0 application under IOS 13.3 is not detected, is this normal ??? It worked since I did all the activities up to the LOOP section.

Bluetooth with the mBlock v1.7.0 application on Android is very well detected and I can use my Codey.

Thank you

Unable to use mBlock required by Makeblock app

Hi, I have IOS 13.3, and mBlock V1.8.2 works well with it. Have you tried to update the mBlock to the latest version?


I continue on this post: Post


Hi Crackel
Try to update your iOS to the latest version to fix the bluetooth issue. Or try to use an iOS system recovery software.


It may be the iOS system issues, so you can use the iOS stem recovery tool to fix this problem.