Problem making Blocks


Hello everyone.

I am experimenting with custom blocks, the issue is that if I make more than one block of my own when I upload the program to the Orion I get a “Remove the bluetooth module”, if I delete all my custom block but one It compiles normally, It took a time to figure out it was that the problem.

Anyone has a recipe to fix that?

Im running:
Me Orion
Mblock 3.4.5
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1

Thank you


Hi Fernando_Rodriguez,

Have you disconnected the Bluetooth module from the Orion while upload the program?
Besides, when this happen, you may restart the mBlock software and replug the USB cable, then connect the serial port again and check if it works.
Please note: keep the Arduino software closed when you upload the program from mBlock software.

Once still the same issue, please kindly take a video for the problem. Thanks!