PowerPI charge issues


Just bought a new Mbot2.
The CyberPi module ONLY works if connected to a power supply.
Is this normal?



Do you mean that it works only when it’s plugged into the mBot 2 shield or when powered using supplied USB type C cable?


As @Bleky said:

If so, this is normal.



I have the same issue as original poster.

I have a brand new mBot Neo, and the CyberPi will not power when attached to the mBot only. The CyberPi powers when attached to USB power source, but is dead when attached to mBot chassis only. The mBot chassis has power - lights on.

As an example, I can connect to the device with the IOS App when the CyberPi is attached to USB power source, but I cannot connect the IOS app when the CyberPi is only attached to the mBot chassis.

Is this defective?



Could you try powering CyberPi via USB while it’s plugged into the chassis (chassis power switch has to be in off position) as that way it should start charging the integrated battery and on CyberPi’s screen a big battery symbol will appear?

If that doesn’t happen then something’s most likey defective (could also be a bad batch of chassis motherboards?).


Thank you, I am not getting the battery symbol. I’ve played with it and if I firmly press the CyberPi down into the mBot shield the connection is made and I can see the battery symbol. As soon as I let go it disappears. Using the same firm press without the USB I can also get the mBot to power the CyberPi on it’s own, but only if I’m firmly pushing. So I appear to have a bad connection.

Anything I can do to attempt to fix this?


Do you see anything wrong with the pin header on your chassis and CyberPi?

Here’s how mine looks:



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