Position Accuracy - After Calibration


Hi. I pretty much stopped using my laserbox pro due to inaccurate positioning. I’d come to the conclusion that it’s because the camera is on the lid capturing the entire work area in one shot (sort of giving a slight fisheye effect). The preview is not fisheye, but the engraving results tell me that the preview is not accurate.

For example, if I engrave and cut dominos, I have to later go back and engrave the backside. But that’s impossible to get right and cost me quite a bit of wood.

tried calibrating the machine several times (weeks/months apart) each time I decided to try and give it another shot. But leaving the a4 sheet in the machine (not even lifting the lid), I’ll go back and place a couple shapes lining up with the marks, and its always off by 1-3mm.

Also, it’s not an offset issue because if I test with four squares in each corner, the squares will be off in different directions (top left may be 1mm too high, bottom right may be 2mm further to the right, etc).

I just switched out my computer and now see that the software has been updated with some new and cool features, so I am going to try again hoping that some improvement has been made to the calibration function.

Posting here to see if anyone else who previously had the issue was able to find a solution. I saw one post where someone asked about engraving on a pencil, but there weren’t any replies.



je pensais moi aussi pouvoir utiliser ma laser comme un plotter avec repérage mais hélas ce n’est pas du tout précis, je voulais découper des plaques plexiglass préalablement imprimées par un professionnel et couper a des endroits précis en petites séries mais la camera étant déformée, meme en faisant des réglages sur un support imprimé papier pour ne pas perdre le produit cher, je ne peux pas être précis dans ma découpe a 1 mm autour de mon motif imprimé… si quelqu’un a une solution je suis preneuse


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