Plotter Stepper Motors only go one direction



I just finished building my XY Plotter, and have it working so it nicely comes to 0,0 – but when I try to move it the other direction, the motors make a terrible noise and the Y moves very roughly, and the X doesn’t move it at all.

I had similar sounds and problems before I got the motor driver resolution switches switched to HHH (mine didn’t seem clearly labeled, but I have them all pointed toward the RJ25 side of the board.)

Here’s a video showing it working when it moves to origin, and the noise it makes trying to move to a point in the other direction.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Toby,
It seems that Y axis doesn’t move fluently when set home. Not sure if the flange bearing is faulty of the Y axis. So could you please unplug the power adapter, move the X Y axis manually, is it smoothly?
Also, please uninstall the two step motor drivers out from the XY plotter (let them not touch the metal beam), then exchange the motor drivers of X Y, see what happens.

HHH should be the side near RJ25 port, and both stepper motor drivers should be in HHH.


Thanks for the feedback. It appears that moving the motor drivers away from the XY plotter did the trick. I did use screws to attach them, rather than the plastic rivets, so presume that was what I did wrong.

Thanks for your help!



Glad to hear that. And congratulations. :slight_smile:


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