Please add the ability to upload from iOS


My daughter only has an iPad, and I typically only am using my iPhone when using mBot. It would be huge improvement to allow uploading of programs.


Hi bpeikes, sorry to tell you that due to the hardware limits, we are unable to enable the upload function in App for mBot series. However, it is possible to upload programs to Codey Rocky, Halocode, CyberPi, as well as our newly released mBot 2 via mBlock App.


Where can I buy the new mBot 2.0? I looked on the site and couldnt find it.

Also, can just buy a new board from you to upgrade? Right now my daughter cant really do the programming side, and it would be great if she could.



Hahaha, as we just launched it earlier this month domestically, the overseas market should be available soon. One thing you need to be noted is that mBot 2 utilizes a new chassis which is different than mBot, and the main board cannot be upgraded directly. The mBot 2 should be put on our official website soon, but for now you can check on our B2B website at


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