Path memorising algorithm


I have mbot ranger. How to make my mbot to memorise path when my mbot ranger running on bluetooth. I want to use them to move into certain room and memorise the path. I want to make a repeatability.


You can code a program that does that in the mBlock editor. I’ll make one for you if you want…


Yes. Please I need path memorising code in mbot ranger. I don’t have record option in my Bluetooth app. How to record. Please help me


I am working on your program now. Please expect a delay of about 3 days.


Hi. Can you please send me the code for path memorising for mbot


Pls send me the code


I’ve been really busy, I’ll see if I can get it done today or tomorrow.


Okay thank you


Download this and load it in mBlock:


Let me know if it works, I haven’t had time to test it.


Thank you. But there are many codes are there. Can you please explain me which code I have to upload. If I’m using Bluetooth android app to control the mbot, how it will record path and follow same path


You have to use mBlock IDE online ( to upload the code. There is actually only one code there (the one under the “When Agura starts up” block), the pink colored blocks are definitions that are necessary but not the main code. Just click the upload button after importing the code.


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