Orion Firmware Update


Hi everyone. I need your help. I purchased the robotic arm for my Robot Starter kit. In order to get it working I need to update the firmware. The software says turn the buzzer off to do the update. Well the buzzer is off, it was never on. I switched it on and off, not luck. I switched to a different USB port, I still get the same message. The thing is, it would really suck if I paid $90 for a piece of equipment that I can use, so any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Thanks, David.

Starter/Orion Firmware Update problems

Hi db_wilson,

I will reassure you, you are not NULL and I am not more capable than you. Please indicate which version (Web or Local) of mBlock you are using and on which hardware (PC or MAC).

The web version with mLink, seems problematic for the latest version. However, you can work around the problem with the local (PC) version v5.3.5. Do the same as the Web version but with the local version, you will not get the error message.



Hi David

Ive just tested this on an Orion board:
When the Updates widow shows, you can choose either of the Firmware options and as soon as you do this, the warning window about the on-board button appears:
To get out of this, just press the Esc key on your keyboard. The Update button will turn yellow:
Now when you click it, your Firmware Update should proceed OK - I do hope that this solves this problem for you.



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