Orion Analog Pins



I want to use ports 7 and 8 for digital input. Specially, I want to connect an RJ25 adapter to ports 7 and 8 and use both slot 1 and 2 for each

According to the Orion pinout image below…

  • Port 7 = A1, A6

  • Port 8 = A0, A7

Orion Piinout

The Orion is based on the Arduino Uno, which has analog pins A0-5, which are mapped as pins 14-19 for digital purposes.

When I run the following via the Arduino IDE Serial monitor…

int irfront_pin = mePort[7].s1;
int irrear_pin = mePort[7].s2;
int irleft_pin = mePort[8].s1;
int irright_pin = mePort[8].s2;

Serial.print("irfront_pin: "),Serial.println(irfront_pin);
Serial.print("irrear_pin: "),Serial.println(irrear_pin);
Serial.print("irleft_pin: "),Serial.println(irleft_pin);
Serial.print("irright_pin: "),Serial.println(irright_pin);

The serial monitor displays

irfront_pin: 20
irrear_pin: 15
irleft_pin: 21
irright_pin: 14

What is going on here?

Q1 - How does A6 exist on Port 6? if the Uno only goes up to A5?
Q2 - How does A7 exist on Port 7? if the Uno only goes up to A5?
Q3 - How does pin map 20 and 21 exist if A0-5 maps to 14-19?



I have sent you the schematic of orion, please have a reference.



Got the file, but it doesn’t help. It does help me understand what pin A6 on Port 7 and A7 on Port 8 are when the analog pin on the Uno only go up to A5.

Or how do I address SLOT 1 on ports 7 and 8?

Or how to address the analog pins as digital i.e. on the Uno A0-5 are mapped as digital 14-19.



A6, A7 cannot be used for digital, only for analog.


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