Order Awaiting Fulfillment


For how long is it normal that an order is “Awaiting Fulfillment”? I sent an order 6 days ago and it still has not shipped. I paid for “Express shipping”. The package should have been with me already. What is happening here?


Hi jenschr,

Great Day!
Sorry for the trouble caused.
please kindly send the order to ntec-support@makeblock.com. We will check it with the order and reply you soon.


Email sent…


Just piggy backing on this discussion. This topic seem to be a common theme on this website.

I’ve placed an order through 6 days ago and its status is stuck on “Awaiting Fulfillment”. I’ve sent a couple of emails to ntech-support but I’m not getting any reply. What’s the deal?

Order number: #55451


Hi AllanV,

Our colleague Darcy has contacted you. Please kindly check if you received her email.


Same thing happens to all my orders. I guess that if something is missing, they’re just waiting for it?


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