Operate without tablet


Hi I want to build lego creations with younger kids
They only need the power, button and motors to make their creations
Can I use these together with no bluetooth or no communication with the tablet i.e. stand alone?


Hi sparkie,

If you have the camera then you have the Explorer Kit or All-In-One Kit (KickStarter).

Since I have some possibilities in mind and I do not want to put too much.
Just confirm me because both kits can do what you are looking for.

The possibilities that I can explain in detail:

  • Remote control car;
  • Car with WIFI block;
  • car with action on the car;

It’s 3 possibilities will be autonomous.


I have not yet bought camera blocks - i am going to buy individual blocks for my projects rather than use kits as there are specific projects I want to do



The cost of buying individual blocks can quickly increase. Here are 2 options.

Mininums Blocks:


Experiences :


Hi Sparkie,
Not sure what is your exact application. It has nothing to do with lego. If there is no bluetooth or wifi block, only some simple action can be taken, but we cannot program for these blocks.


I want the button block to turn on and off the motor driver with no tablet or Bluetooth block. Is this possible? By the way this opens up a big opportunity for Neuron to operate as Lego power functions.


Hi sparkie,
Yes, it is possible. But when I test that, connect power, DC motor and button blocks, I have to hold the button all the time if I want the motor run. Once I release button, motor stops.
By the way, camera block does not take video and will not support later.


ok - can you test the ‘knob’ block and let me know if the signal stays with only Power, Knob, Motor - thanks


Hi sparkie,

I tested some possibilities

Mininums Blocks:

1 X Power
1 X Dual DC Motor Driver


button: Hold for a few seconds to activate the engine. Once releasing the motor continues.
Knob : Variable speed
PIR Sensor : Activate the motor when moving
Sound : Activate the motor according to the voice strength (variable speed)
Light Sensor : Activates the motor according to the strength of the light (variable speed)

otherwise the Ultrasonic block always advances except when there is an obstacle right in front of him


ok that is good to know thanks very much Crackel - we also work with younger kids (5-6) who love making merry go rounds and motorized cars but they are too young for the screen - this will be good for them


Have you watched the Rocky Codey.

It is very simple to use and you could make it standalone with a very simple little program.
He is minion and perfectly fit for this age.

For your information, Neuron engines are very small. A simple twist of a wheel when the engine is stopped can break it. For children ages 5-6, the engines will likely be one of your biggest challenges.


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