Old mBlock 3 extensions show up in mBlock 5 extension center


I have 4 mBlock 3 extensions that I am converting into new mBlock 5 extensions using the new mBlock Extension Builder. However, if I open up mBlock 5 and go to the extensions center, I still see my old mBlock 3 extensions. But of course they don’t work properly since the code is completely different. Is there a way to mark an mBlock 3 extension as only compatible with mBlock 3?


Hi gorthmog,

Thanks for asking. Yes definitely we could. Can you please provide us with your extensions’ name? So we could remove it from the center and send you the converted file based on which you could further modified and publish it on your own. (that’s gonna save you a lot time)

Our original intension was to generally convert those V3 extensions to V5, though there might be some extensions not working due to their complicated settings. Once the owner of the extension contact us for further developing the extension on their own. We’d like to return the extension to them and provide supports in using the extension builder.

Besides, do you have any questions in using the extension builder so far? Feel free to ask.

Just to remind you, if you feel good to publish your updated extension now (with the extension file we provided), please change the extension id:

because we used to use this ID on our side to publish it. But if you want to publish it on your own, a different extension ID is needed. You can just set it randomly as you want.




Hi Allen,
Thanks for the reply. The old extensions are called:

  • HyperDuino BittyController
  • HyperDuino ArduinoBlue
  • HyperDuino IR Remote
  • HyperDuino
    However, we would like these extensions to show up in mBlock 3, because we still have some people using that. Is it possible to only remove them from the mBlock 5 list?


Hi gorthmog,

For sure, please don’t worry, we’ll only remove them from the mblock 5 and do nothing with the mblock 3. Actually we’re not maintaining the mblock 3 anymore at this time.

Please check out those extension files which were converted from your V3 extensions. I’ve messaged you those extension files.

Then you might choose to either modify them or rewrite on your own.

To upload them into your extension builder, please refer to this tutorial: