Offset in laser image Xtool D1 10W


I have the problem that during the lasering of an image, the laser head seems to shift unintentionally, so that an offset is visible in the image (marked in red).
A similar thing happens when cutting, where the laser suddenly starts to laser in jags in a curve (marked in blue).
Does anyone have a solution or an idea what this could be?
Fill settings 95mm/sec 100% power
cut settings 6mm/sec 100% power
I am using LightBurn.

Could it have something to do with the tension of the belt?


I don’t know much about laser printers, I’ll mention some people to send them over here.
You can usexTool support, too.
@PierreJo, @Crackel, @makeblock123, @makeblock.lindingxin, this guy could use some help!


I too, am having the same problem with the xtool D1 not completely filling an image and jerky offsets to outlines. It is as if the laser is becoming misaligned especially when doing multiple passes.
Thanks for the help.


Your image doesn’t look like that at all in LightBurn, right? Maybe it could be too tight or loose of a belt, but I’m not sure. Let’s just hope makeblock responds soon!


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