Obstacle memory program


Hello, I had an idea for a programe for my mbot robot but I don’t know if it is possible. I have already done an obstacle avoidance and line following program, now I would like to do a program a little more perfect. I would like that when my robot detects an obstacle, it avoids it as before, but I also want them to remember that there is an obstacle there. So then I want him to create a virtual map with all the places where there are obstacles and the path to avoid them.
Is this possible with the basic modules or does it need, for example, a gps which indicates its position?
thanks to help me


Hi Marcoo,

There is no GPS with Makeblock products. In reality, there shouldn’t be a lot of robots with GPS. You will have to build a map and place your obstacles there according to a measure in time.

It will be quite difficult but in Python it is probably possible.

Personally, I have never been so far …

Good luck