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I bought this printer only because of autoleveling and continues if filament has finished. But I have a big problem when the filament has stucked it doesn’t continue when I solved the issue. So I don’t understand why developers didn’t make the same process of printer out of filament . I am wasting a lot of time and filament when it happens.
Awaiting your answer mblock team.


Hello burcinkara, thanks for the suggestion, but I just checked with the team and was told we are not adding this function into the plan at the moment, cause when the machine detects there’s a stuck in the nozzle, the nozzle could be lasting for a few minutes and there’s no meaning to continued the rest of the work.


I mean , it should pause till I change or fix the nozzle and continue when I finished. Sorry but your answer doesn’t make sense. If my job stops in the half because of this issue printing 2 days your product can not be used in long term. Please check this again with your team and try to find a solution. Thanks in advance


Let me explain with more details: for instance, when I’m printing a model, and the nozzle gets stuck at the progress of 60%, but there’s a time delay like a few seconds before the sensors tell that it’s stuck. During this time, the nozzle moves like about 1% and it stopped. Then I cleaned the nozzle, if I can continued the printing, the work will start at 61%, but the model just completes 60% and if the printer continues at 61%, there 1% part of the model is missing, so the model will be a failure. I don’t know if I have made the point clear. Feel free to discuss.


I understood that . But I prefer to continue with loosing 1 % in some models instead of throwing directly to trash. May be sometimes it is less than 1% and sometimes more. I will follow the next layer when printing started again. I have some other equipments like 3d pen to fix parts. May be I can fix it sometimes. And you have to give me this choice if I want to continue or stop. When nozzle stuck it can show a warning on the screen that explains I can loose some part of the model and it can ask if I still want to continue or not. But on the other hand when it canceled the task I have to throw the model directly to trash, which I believe worst option. Please think about it. Thanks in advance…


According to your description, I think it could be a compromised option. I have just forwarded this message to our team, but I’m not confident that they will agree cause any change will be discussed and surveyed to see the real needs among our users. Anyway, I told them about your suggestion. Let’s wait for their reply.


Hi again; Do you have any news from your team?

Thanks in advance


Hi Burcinkara, it’s supported already. Please keep the firmware of your mCreate up-to-date and try.


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