Not able to update mBot firmware to 06.01.107


Hi. The Makeblock app on my iPhone is not able to connect to mBot via Bluetooth. The error message suggests to update the firmware.

My mBot’s current firmware is on 06.01.009 and while trying to update it to the latest online firmware (06.01.107), the update goes through 100%. However when I restart and reconnect mBot to mBlock the factory firmware is still shown as 06.01.009 which kinda indicates that the update didn’t go through. The Bluetooth still persist.

Could you please suggest how to fix this issue?

Mblock version: v5.4.0 on Mac OS
mBot firmware version: 06.01.009


The makeblock program will often say that there is an update when there is not, especially if the device is in live mode. Perhaps try mBlock online:
and see if the problem persists. Let me know!

Thanks for your time,


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