No camera with "Calibration for Laserbox"


I have “Calibration for Laserbox Setup 1.0.7” and I can’t get to do the calibration as in Step 1 “Capture Flatbed Image” it seems it doesn’t have communication with the camera. I open the setup, click and double click but the window is all blank.

Laserbox first generation
Software 1.1,5
Firmware 20

Laserbox 1.1.5 can´t update firmware

Hi Ver0nica,

The “Calibration for Laserbox Setup 1.0.7” is the software for first calibration. Since we optimized the second calibration, normally there is no need to do the first calibration.

Please do the second calibration for the machine through laserbox software by going to Menu->Settings->General:

Please click on “Position Calibrate” and follow the steps to finish the second calibration.

Note: before doing the second calibration, please read the precautions first to make sure the second calibration sucess.The precautions and suggestions when do the 2nd (12.2 KB)


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