New laser, Upon start up after connecting to computer the laser slowly travels x+ axis until it strikes the end and sets off error Qx14.1


Error code Qx 14.1
New user. We just received our laserbox rotary 03/22/2022 had to build a table for it and on 03/24/2022 finally pulled it out and set it up. Upon setup we downloaded the software and connected.the laser to our laptop. The X+ axis slowly started moving to the right until it hit the rail and a loud noise which was the belt jumping on the pulley. Went through the software update and hit control F1 and manually moved the X axis positive and negative Y axis positive and negative and Z axis positive and negative. Turned off laser and restarted and the exact same thing continues to happen. What is our issue and how do we get it resolved?



I got my laser in Jan but just opened it on 4/11/‘22… used it less than 10 times and now i have the same error… have you gotten any response?


I would suggest you email the email address for a better, faster response.

You have a 12 month warranty according to



Please click the below link and try to troubleshoot.

If the problem still exists, please send a video of the operation and the work log to our after-sales mailbox:
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