New device based on Arduino Leonardo - AVR109 Support


Hi everyone ! I’m currently starting a new project of device based on an Arduino Leonardo. I’m having issues flashing the board. Indeed I tried in the Connection settings to use the stk500v1 tu upload the firmware but it’s not working as the Leonardo uses the AVR109 bootloader… Any idea how I could flash the device ? I’ve seen that I could write a custom Driver setting but I’m lacking of context and documentation on the different objects passed as parameters…

Thanks !


And by the way here is my current extension (39.2 KB)


Any advice ?


Would it be possible to have access to the Leonardo device as an example ?
Feeling terribly stuck for the moment…


Hello @8FabLab the same problem for me, please do you find any solution ?
Thank you.


Unfortunately no… I still haven’t found a way to support AVR109 bootloader with mBlock and no news from mBlock suport either on the forum or by mail…

Edit : A solution here !